Reinventing the Medieval Fantasy RPG
Imagine a very ambitious, persistent, daily-played game designed specifically for the iPhone.
Doused with intelligence,
realism and a persnickety attention to detail, it's an RPG
where you actually feel that you are playing a role. This turn-based single-player game will
remind you why you loved the classic fantasy RPG computer games,
and have you recall
that sense of mystery and wonder you had when you first played a D&D-type game.
The simple UI makes it quick-to-play; when you need a moment of fun, the game is there.

But a Second Game first...
You direct several heroes who venture to a new region to scout, quest and loot.
Upon discovery, they attempt to escape to a new region to do it again.
Are they Robin Hoods or greedy opportunists? That's for your play to decide.
Simple-to-learn, this iOS game features a generic fantasy background (orcs! elves!)
with surprising details, a great UI, and long term play that stays fresh (no grinding).

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